The Cincinnati Experience

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Straddling the borders of Ohio and Kentucky where the Little Miami and Muskingum Rivers meet is Cincinnati. This massive metropolis (which spans almost 80 square miles, offering some of the Midwest most beautiful scenery) boasts a heritage that is uniquely American.

It was established in 1788, when explorers were seeking land beyond the eastern coasts (where European sensibilities still reigned). The intention was to tame the plains and prairies, to push at the frontier until it submitted; and that intention succeeded when men stumbled upon the fertile bluffs of the bluegrass region. There is a settlement was formed and was deemed the first true American city.

And this is reflected in its many offerings. Potential residents after receiving a moving company quote and discovering the easy costs of Midwestern living are encouraged to sample history: the Cincinnati Art Museum provides over 60,000 pieces of Native American and African designs (offering glimpses into the tragic age of slavery). BB Riverboats weaves guests along the water and hearkens back to the days of steam transportation, which helped to shape the city. The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center chronicles the bravery of men and women who sought social revolution. And the American Sign Museum allows visitors to take a charming walk through the past, surrounded by flickering lights and neon, with advertisements displayed in all their glowing glory. The experience is one of a kind.

Cincinnati stands as Ohio’s most famed city and those wishing to indulge in history should seek it. Its origins are still inspiring; its beauty is undeniable; and all who visit will wish to stay.

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