And Now a Look at Ohio Sports

Ohio has professional sports teams in almost every popular sport played in the country, including football, basketball, baseball, soccer and hockey. Most people have heard of their professional teams like: the Cleveland Indians and the Cincinnati Reds – their Major League Baseball teams. There are also the Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnati Bengals the major Football Teams from Ohio. As for basketball everyone has heard of the Cleveland Cavaliers; and as for their National Hockey League there is the Columbus Blue Jackets. Last but not least is Ohio’s Major League Soccer team the Columbus Crew. As a side note regarding Ohio’s influence on baseball, the sport’s first completely professional team hailed from Ohio: the Cincinnati Red Stockings organized in 1869. If you are interested in finding more from baseball historians themselves, go to canada 411 for the different options available for you.

Ohio sports don’t end with the major teams. There are also minor league baseball teams, indoor football as well as arena football to be enjoyed, along with lower division soccer and mid-level hockey. Minor league teams include the Akron Aeros, the Chillocothe Paints, the Dayton Dragons and the Columbus Clippers.  In addition to these recognizable teams there are the Mahoning Valley Scrappers and the Toledo Mud hens.

The minors don’t end with baseball of course as there are also minor league football teams that need to be mentioned: the Cincinnati Marshals, the Canton Legends, the Cleveland Fusion and the Cincinnati Sizzle.  Not to go unnoticed there are also the Columbus Comets, the Mahoning Valley Thunder and the Columbus Destroyers.

Not to be outdone, when it comes to hockey teams Ohio also has the Dayton Bombers, the Lake Erie Monsters and the Cincinnati  Cyclones.

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